“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~ Ansel Adams

I was told even before I left for New Zealand that I’d fall in love with the beauty it has to offer. In order to complete my post graduation, I ended up residing in Dunedin for about 8-9 months – and it was such an experience-filled stay! From the people I met, to the travels I completed, to the independence I gained…

Especially as an upcoming photographer (purely hobby-related), I found myself dependent on my camera after having landed in the South Island of New Zealand – in which I have attempted to take the opportunity to travel as much as possible  🙂  Its an absolutely beautiful location – with so many stunning aspects to every view! So do the pictures that I’ve shared down below from my New Zealand adventures. 🙂

~ Dunedin ~ 

~ South Island ~ 

Sunset view at Queenstown – Lake Wakatipu… Those colours though!
~ Mount Aspiring on a clear day ~
~ Like a fairytale land… River Matukituki – Wanaka ~
Dunedin - drive to the Peninsula
~ Oh beautiful blue waters on the summer days ~
~ Oh you dazzling daisies under sunny skies ~
~ Still waters at the beach on the way to the Peninsula – Dunedin ~
~ Blue waters under the blue sky – postcard worthy view on the way to the Peninsula – Dunedin ~
~ Top view from Queenstown Hill on a clear day ~
~ Signal Hill Viewpoint – so stunning in its serenity! ~
~ Lets take a walk down St. Clair’s Beach 🙂 ~
~ Sheep just grazing on a clear day at Pukerangi ~
~ Glacial waters at Lake Pukaki ~
~ Thunder Creek Falls – West coast of the South Island of New Zealand 🙂 ~

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