Kerala is hardly what I would call home, although I have gotten more used to visiting there to see my family, versus before when I had very little connection of it. And although I don’t visit for very long (usually – wedding season doesn’t count 🙂 ) I have done some traveling in and around God’s Own Country! If you head outside the cities of Kerala, you can really find some beautiful locations. Check out the snaps for more!

 ~ Sunset views of a river near Cochin ~ 
View # 2
~ View on the way to Kakkayam Dam – Northern Kerala ~
Lush green
~ Lush green landscapes in the form of paddy rice fields near Palakkad ~ 
Hanging bridge
~ One of the few hanging bridges in Kerala, in Wayanad – spread across that greenery! ~ 
~ Waterfall snaps during the rainy monsoons on roadsides whilst driving to Wayanad ~
Kakkayam dam
~ Reflective scenery… ~
Cloudy skies
~ Cloudy filled skies on the way to Wayanad ~
View # 1
~ View # 1 of lakes in Northern Kerala ~
Dam view
~ Banasurasagar dam view on a clear day ~

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