“The only man I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa… For he has so much to look forward to.” ~ Richard Mullin

   There’s something about the Warm Heart of Africa that is truly appealing – and just because I grew up here doesn’t mean I’m biased. Not entirely at least. 🙂 If you’re coming to this part of the world – Malawi is a must visit! The above quote cannot be more true. Although I haven’t traveled all around Africa (yet), Malawi, situated in South Central Africa, is just incredibly scenic in its serenity. So here’s me sharing several of my magnificent moments from home. 🙂 Also check out the places I’ve covered from home – links down below!

~ Lake Malawi ~

~ Thyolo Tea Estates ~

~ View from the top of Zomba Plateau – Emperor’s View ~
~ Sunset colours filter across the sky at Club Makokola ~
~ Mount Mulanje in its magnificence ~
The Tea Estates
~ On the way to the picnic spot – view of Satemwa Tea Estates ~
~ Sundown view at Bird Island – near Mangochi ~
The Lake
~ Madzi Kuwala Lake Retreat – Mangochi (Madzi Kuwala means “Clear Waters”). ~
The Lake
~ A serene sunrise at Chinteche Inn ~

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