“Saira Banu” – A Justifiable Endeavour to Entertain

"Saira Banu is a simple enough story that is a positive watch, especially with certain twists that are eyebrow-raisers."    I'm not going to lie. This isn't the best movie out there, but I wouldn't call it an average movie either. If I had to, I would call it a little better than a 'good' … Continue reading “Saira Banu” – A Justifiable Endeavour to Entertain

Finally! #TakeOff – A First-Class Flick

"A heart-wrenching and riveting watch, Take Off is a movie not to be missed, with full credit given to Parvathy as she proves once again her brilliant capability as an actress."    I walked out of the theatre feeling mind-blown. The movie reviews that have been out for Take Off have been phenomenal - particularly during … Continue reading Finally! #TakeOff – A First-Class Flick

Jomonte Suviseshangal – A Predictable Yet Charming Film

"Jomonte Suviseshengal falls along the genre of a typical family movie, wherein Dulquar Salman possesses such magnetism and screen presence that courtesy of him and the talented Mukesh, the movie survives."    After the much awaited cinema strike has been sorted out, Malayalam movies are finally beginning to release - thank goodness! The first one to release in … Continue reading Jomonte Suviseshangal – A Predictable Yet Charming Film

“Waiting” ~ A Beautifully Scripted Short Film

"Waiting is a purely simple movie that is both thought-provoking and heartwarming, where I applaud the co-stars who have done a brilliant job in their roles ."    As always, no spoilers. This will be a fairly short note, yet I feel compelled to write a movie review on this film, despite the time passed since its release … Continue reading “Waiting” ~ A Beautifully Scripted Short Film

#Pulimurugan – THE All-Time Entertainer!

"An unexpected and thrilling action-packed entertainer, Pulimurugan has you sitting on the edge of your seat in excitement and even provides some laughter. An absolute must-watch; even for non-Lalettan fans."  As always, no spoilers.    When I initially planned to go for Pulimurugan, it had to do with a bit of both of my interest in Malayalam … Continue reading #Pulimurugan – THE All-Time Entertainer!

Oppam – A Heart-Pounding Thriller

The much anticipated Oppam was a hair-raising watch that truly gets you holding your breath in anticipation.      No spoilers.    What is it about murder-thriller movies that have amazing background score? Add Mohanlal's exceptional acting and you've got yourself a gripping watch. There's no doubt in my mind that if anyone else had played his … Continue reading Oppam – A Heart-Pounding Thriller

Pretham – A Moderately Different Movie

“If you watch a scary movie together, then the scariness is cut in half!” ~ Hidekaz Himaruya     (Image courtesy Cochintalkies.com)    Pretham. In English, this means ghost. The name itself was a warning for me, given my extremely low ability to tolerate horror movies. Nonetheless, I had been told that this movie was a … Continue reading Pretham – A Moderately Different Movie